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The resonant cropping device

Quick and easy cropping of plastic profiles. The slightly resonating cropping device can be easily installed on the rotary punching machines RS 150 / RS 75. It is attached to a parallel swinging link where it accelerates very quickly and cuts the prescribed profile lengths easily and safely. It is designed in a compact manner, easy to operate and almost maintenance-free. It can also be retrofitted to our RS 150 or RS 75.

VIDEO - Resonant cropping device

Technical data

Size   L 300 x D 300 x H 400 mm  
Weight   approx. 30 kg  
Extrusion speed   max. 50 m/min with a cropping length of 2 m  
Drive performance   1,4 kW  
Power supply   400V / 16A  
Drive   pneumatically
Operating pressure: 6 bar

Technical highlight features

● mounted directly to the RS 150 / RS 75
● Cropping tools can be exchanged according to the profile cross-section
● designed for smaller profile cross-sections
● Immediate cutting possible
● a short cutting cycle with a double-blade
● easy tool change
● without a complicated controller
● compact design
● easily accessible