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The in-line cropping device

Precisely cropping and precision punching at the same time - we can offer the ideal complete solution. The in-line cropping device is the perfect option to complete our rotary punching machines. Directly mounted to the RS 150 / RS 75, or as stand-alone machine, it is able to very easily perform an accurate cutting of plastic profiles in variable lengths. The double-blade guarantees a short cutting cycle with a minimal compressed air consumption. In contrast to the most cutting machines, the in-line cropping device offers free space for an optimized waste disposal. Cropping or punching tools, which are either combined units or stand-alone machines can be changed quickly. Our compact designed cropping device is easy to use, virtually maintenance-free and can be easily integrated into any production line.

VIDEO - In-line cropping device

Technical data

Size   L 713 x D 795 x H 1688 mm  
Weight   approx. 180 kg  
Extrusion speed   max. 50 m/min with a cropping length of 2 m  
Extrusion hight   min. 1000 mm ± 100 mm  
Drive   pneumatically or with a servo motor
Operating pressure: 6 bar

Technical highlight features

● hinged protective cover with safety device
● Cropping and punching tools are interchangeable
● Immediate cutting possible
● easy to use
● a short cutting cycle with a double-blade
● easy and safe transport with the included transport traverse
● easy integration into existing production lines
● can be controlled by external signals
● compact design
● easily accessible
● easy integration into existing production lines