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The notch impact and cropping machine

The notch impact and cropping machine will ensure continuously accurate results. It is almost predestined to process conveyor belts and similar profiles. Transverse to the machine direction it notches or cuts profiles quickly and accurately at a continuous processing speed of up to 120 m/min or 3000 cuts/min. Not just thick-walled plastic and hollow chamber profiles, also rubber and leather can be processed continuously or discontinuously in variable intervals or lengths. The impact wheel and feed are driven by servo motors. They ensure a constant distance of notches or a repetition-accurate length measurement. We can align the notch blades or cropping blades to your desired product specifications. An efficient dialogue guidance structure provides a simple and secure workflow. The waste disposal is not a problem: integrated waste drawers can be easily replaced in minutes.

VIDEO - Notch impact and cropping machine

Technical data

Size   L 713 x D 690 x H 1688 mm  
Weight   approx. 400 kg  
Throughput speed   max. 150 m/min  
Notches/cuts   max. 3000 with a continuous feed, max 1200 with a discontinuous feed  
Drive performance   2,5 kW  
Power supply   400V / 16A  


● Notch-cutting and cropping with a differing hole sequence
● Hopper for cutting waste