We design and build machines that provide results much quicker. Our goal is to optimize production processes. To achieve this, we can offer individual solutions for your product and your manufacturing technology. Through this, flexible production facilities or easy-to-integrate machines can be created. We have many years of experience in the areas development and construction, and we are looking forward to new challenges.

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The single-pass punching machine

The single-pass punching machine will provide you with a high degree of flexibility. Someone who not only streamlines the workflows for the inline processing, but also successfully combines them, will be able to attain a decisive advantage. Through the combination of different tool modules, the profile can be simultaneously processed in different ways. Depending on the requirements, the punching, drilling, milling or sawing of the plastic or rubber profile can be performed very precisely and simultaneously with the current work cycle. It is possible to install several tool modules. We will align them to your materials and products. This will transform the hydraulic or pneumatic single-pass punching machine into a highly precise facility for your production. At a processing speed of 30 m/min, this machine is able to process even complex profiles with the utmost precision and reliability. The sophisticated design provides quick access for maintenance and repair.

Technical data

Size   L 2000 x D 700 x H 1600 mm  
    depending on the equipment  
Weight   approx. 1500 kg  
    depending on the equipment  
Extrusion speed   max. 50 m/min  
Extrusion hight   min. 1000 mm ± 100 mm  
Drive   hydraulic or pneumatic  
Power supply   400V / 16A  

Technical highlight features

● safety device, optionally with a light barrier or protective housing
● with a waste hopper or waste collection container
● modular design
● switching cabinet with a large capacity for the installation of additional electrical switching devices
● conveyor belts arranged between the tools
● forklift pockets for an easy and safe transportation
● easy integration into the extrusion line
● switching cabinet and drive units are built into the frame of the machine
● with different processing modules, for example, for drilling, milling or sawing
● easy to convert for other products
● on request with a raising and rolling chassis
● easy to operate