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The production line for plastic and rubber profiles

The multi-functional production line guarantees flexibility and effectiveness in the extrusion line. Various functional units combined, enable a highly effective processing of plastic angles: fully automatic punching, cutting and stacking of plastic angles in a double strand with an extreme precision. This requires four work steps: In the first steps, the rotary punching machine
RS 150 precisely cuts the inner plastic legs. Displaced arranged rollers (twisters) turn the profiles into the right position and transport them to the 2. Work step: One more RS 150 punches the outer plastic leg and conveys the profiles further. Then, the 3. step is performed: The cropping device cuts the angle profiles quickly and precisely to the preset length. Rugged discharge rollers transport the cut-to-length profiles to the stacking unit. Then, the 4. step is performed: The stacking unit places the plastic angle onto a traverse conveyor, and stacks them in pre-programmed stack sizes. Unlike other stacking systems, it offers sufficient space for a quick and safe removal of the plastic angles. The system works extremely precise and synchronous to the speed of the extrusion line. It is designed for an extrusion speed of
max. 50 m/min. The cropping device enables variable cropping lengths. We have placed a special focus on the ability to safely operate the machine. Protective covers on the rotary punching machines and the cropping device ensure a safe handling of the functional units.